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Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Welcome to a new family tradition.

The next chapter of a

130-year-old story written in food, love and family


At restaurants in Lebanon, guests will sit down and simply say ‘Bring’ (in Arabic ‘Jeeb’) and food will follow. At Gemmayze Street we offer the same experience.

$65.00 per person

Hummus 10
roasted garlic, chickpeas, tahini, paprika (V, DF, GF)

Baba Ghannouj 10
smokey aubergine, olive oil (V, DF, GF)

Tabbouleh 10
parsley, mint, burghul, tomato, lemon (V, DF)

Fattouch 10
tomato, cucumber, radish, pomegranate, sumac (V, DF)

Falafel 15
parsley cream, pickled turnip, taratour (V, DF, GF)

Malfouf 15
roasted red cabbage, lubneh, muhamarra, walnuts (GF)

Ftayer 18
spinach, oregano, lemon, pinenuts, feta

Arnabeet 18
roast cauliflower, date, pinenuts (GF)

Halloumi 25
asparagus, hazelnut, gremolata

Shish Barak 25
goat ravioli, yoghurt, mint, pistachio

Scampi 25
frekkeh risotto, sorrel, lemon, bisque

Octopus 30
moughrabeye, fennel, tomato, pomegranate

Chicken Shish 30
zeit el toum, pickles, preserved lemon (GF)

Seyadeyeh 35 
market fish, purple carrots, burnt onion, tahini (GF)

Lahma 40
55 day aged scotch, potato, fenugreek, mushroom (GF)

Ghanam 60
whole lamb shoulder, m’juddrah, leeks, vinegar onions (GF)

Chocolate Pave 18
black sesame, strawberry, cinnamon

Knefe 16
shredded filo, baked ricotta, orange blossom, passionfruit

Rose Parfait 16
white chocolate, rhubarb, cornflake (GF)

Pistachio Torte 16
lubneh, coconut, apple (GF)

Each customer will recieve one piece of Lebanese bread, any additional bread $2.50 per piece.
All of our proteins are free range, line caught or halal. Please ask your waiter for more information.
(GF) Gluten free (DF) Dairy free (V) Vegan



Almaza, Pilsner 4.2% Beirut, Lebanon 8
Aspall Apple Cider 5% NZ  7
Garage Project Shandy 2.4% NZ 7
Liberty  Divine Wind, Lager Tap beer 5%, NZ 9
Liberty Yakima Monster APA Tap beer 6%, NZ 12
Homemade Sodas 6
rosewater lemonade
pomegranate & mint
passionfruit & sage
East Imperial
Ginger Beer, Yuzu Tonic
Club Mate Cola 7
Deep Origin Sparkling Water (750 ml) 10
Coffee 6
Original, Cardamom
Apple Tea 6
Lebanese apple flavoured tea
Nana Tea 6
Lebanese tea with mint
Shai Tea 6
Lebanese tea with cinnamon
Bedouin Tea 6
Lebanese sage to aid digestion
Pomegranate & Apple Tea 6
Pink Grapefruit Spritz 13
aperol, pink grapefruit, prosecco, thyme
Sweet Home Jbeil 13
sloe gin, cointreau, apple tea, pomegranate
Yallah! 18
cardamom vodka, lebanese coffee, pedro ximenez
Orange Blossom Mojito 16
orange blossom, lime, mint, white rum
Mint as Becharre 18
tequila, mint, lemon, elderflower, cucumber
Saffron Negroni 16
yuzu infused gin, saffron vermouth, grapefruit
Jiddi Sour 16
pineapple & vanilla arak, almond syrup, lime, egg white
Old Fashioned 18
carob & date infused whiskey, black walnut, orange
Karven Pure Vodka, NZ 9  
Belvedere Vodka, Poland 11
Santiago Blanco, Cuba 9  
Plantation, Trinidad 11
Matusalem, Dom. Republic 14      
El Jimador Blanco, Mexico 9
Herradura Reposado, Mexico 10  
Kefraya Arak, Lebanon 10          
Karven Gin, NZ 9
Monkey 47 Gin Germany 11
Malay Gin, Italy 12
Old Forester Bourbon, America 9
Teelings Whiskey, Ireland 10
Black Bottle Blend, Scotland 9
Tullibardine 226 Malt, Scotland 14
Bunnahabhain Malt, Scotland 16

Arak (Traditional Spirit of Lebanon)
Chateau Kefraya Arak, Lebanon
Chateau Wardy Arak, Lebanon
Chateau Barka ’12 Bekaa Valley, lebanon 11/50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Les Breteches Rouge ’16 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 13/60
Clos De Cana ’13 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 15/70
Pinot Noir
Ixsir Grande Reserve ’12 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 17/80
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Chateau Musar Hochar ’11 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 20/90
Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
Chateau Marsyas Rouge ’11 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 20/90
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Melot, Petit Verdot
Chateau Kefraya ’12 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 25/120
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvedre
Comte De M ’12 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 25/120
Caberenet Sauvignon, Syrah
Chateau Barka ’17 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 11/50
Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat
Les Breteches Blanc ‘15 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 13/60
Muscat, Bourboulenc, Sauvignon Blanc
Domaine Wardy ’16 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 13/60
Sauvignon Blanc
Domaine Wardy ’15 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 15/70
Domain Des Tourells Marquis de Bays ’17 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 15/70
Chateau Marsyas Blanc ’13 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 17/80
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
Ixsir Grande Reserve ’17 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
Chateau Ksara Gris De Gris ’16 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 13/60
Carignan, Grenache Gris
Chateau Fakra La Fleur ’16 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 13/60
Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah
Chateau Kefraya Myst ‘16 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 15/70
Cinsault, Grenache, Tempranillo
Sartori NV Erfo Prosecco Veneto, Italy 9/55
Billecart- Salmon Brut Rosé Champagne, France 130
Chateau Khoury Blanc Doux ’12 Bekaa Valley Lebanon 15/70
Pinot Gris
Kefraya Lacrima D’oro ‘ 04 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 20/90
Late Harvest Clairette


All reservations made at 6pm or 6.30pm will
have a two hour dining period

Parties of 10 or more are required to order our set menu
Jeeb $65 per person

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Dinner  Tuesday to Saturday 6:00PM till Late

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